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some people care too much

i think it's called love.

second star to the right and straight on till morning
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accents, acoustics, alice in wonderland, andy warhol, apple, art, autumn, being in love, bird cages, birthday cake, bonfires, blackberry pearl, bows and ribbons, champagne, chanel, chocolate, christmas time, cities, classic literature, coffee, cupcakes, deer, drawing, driving around with the top down, fashion, ferris wheels, fluttering heartbeats, foreign films, french, friendship, gardens, ghost stories, handbags, hay rides, holding hands, hot chocolate for breakfast, iced honey lattes with soy milk and no whip cream, indie music, john lennon, johnny depp, kitty cats, kurt vonnegut, lace, laughing, lingerie, lip gloss, london, make-up artistry, marc jacobs, mice, nylon magazine, oceans, painting, paris, pearls, philosophy, photography, poetry, rain, road trips, roof tops, shopping, sleepless nights, scones, snow, star gazing, sushi, swing sets, tanning, tattoos, tea, typewriters, veganism, vintage junk, winter

where    do    we    begin?

so it goes.